Western Asset Management Selects Arnone Consulting Compliance Solution

Western Asset Management, a fixed income asset management firm with $170 billion assets under management, needed a system to integrate a Sybase-based trading system with a Charles River Accounting System.  Charles River, a third party compliance standard, required data not found in Western’s trading application.  A VB/SQL Server data mapping solution by Arnone Consulting provided the answer.  Users could define mapping rules for securities through a simple user interface; unrecognized securities would automatically be added to an exceptions table so users could add mapping rules for them.  The end application allowed users to quickly maintain and update the import process between the trading and compliance systems. 

World's Largest Futures Brokerage Chooses Arnone Consulting ASP.net Reporting Solution

REFCO, the world's largest futures brokerage, needed an extendable platform for reporting to external customers.  An Arnone Consulting solution, developed with ASP.net, VB.net, and C#, provided the answer.  REFCO needed to allow external and internal customers access to trade and accounting data, without compromising security or allowing a customer to see data outside of his company or account.  An ASP.net solution allowed reports to be assigned to individual users, and privileges to be further limited by company and account.  Reusable components allowed for rapid development of menus and simple code reuse with the ASP.net platform.  The end result allowed both internal users to monitor trade data across the company, as well as external users to view both transaction and summary account information.

Leading Defense Contractor Chooses Arnone Consulting ASP.Net/VB.net Leasing Solution

SAIC, a leading defense contractor with over 40,000 employees, needed a leasing application to track equipment as it moved through the company's procurement process.  An ASP.net/VB.net/SQL Server solution provided the answer, allowing items to be tracked from the equipment process, to the delivery and tagging of individual items, to the end or renewal of the equipment lease...

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Cellphone Industry Leader Selects Arnone Consulting Solution

Before a cellphone can be marketed, a variety of certification tests must be completed.  America’s largest service provider for cellphone standards compliance, Cetecom, selected an Arnone Consulting ASP.net/C#/SQL Server solution to handle price quote requests for their sales team. An ASP.net/C#/SQL Server website allowed Cetecom visitors to get an estimate on the cost of cellphone testing...

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Visa International Selects Arnone Consulting Reporting Solution

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Much more than an improved version of ASP, ASP.net is the fastest and most sophisticated web application platform available today.  Features such as true separation of business logic from the presentation layer and event-driven code execution allow for far greater developer productivity than previous web application platforms.  Assemblies, server, user, and composite controls allow for code reuse to further enhance developer productivity.  Let Arnone Consulting convert your legacy code and see for yourself why the London Stock Exchange, the Bank of New York, Citigroup, Pepsi, SunGard, Nokia, and Jet Blue are all using ASP.net.


With the release of C#, Microsoft has taken its popular Visual C++ development environment and extended it into a rapid-application development platform.  With the support of form-based development and a newer IDE, C# supports everything one would expect in a rapid application development platform while maintaining the object orientated approach of Visual C++.  In addition, the language supports the new features that all .net languages support including the development of WebForms and WinForms applications making it an ideal choice for rapid, object-orientated Web and Windows Application development.


With the release of VB.net, Microsoft has taken its traditional rapid-application language and extended it into a true object-orientated platform.  With the support of inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, and overloading, the language supports everything one would expect in an OO language while retaining the rapid application development features VB was known for.  In addition, the language supports the new features that all .net languages support including the development of WebForms and WinForms applications making it an ideal choice for rapid, object-orientated Web and Windows Application development.

SQL Server

With high performance and the lowest total cost of ownership of any enterprise database, SQL Server is already the most widely used enterprise database solution—and its market share is growing.  Let Arnone Consulting take over your database application and find out why Albertson’s, Black & Decker, Cooper Tire, Country Home Loans, H&R Block, Minolta, Safeway, and Sanford Bernstien all have one thing in common—they’re switching to SQL Server.